US Postal Service Seeks to Deliver Alcohol

US Postal Service Seeks to Deliver Alcohol

US Postal Service Alcohol Delivery Could Raise Much Needed Revenue but is Criticized by Some

The United States Postal Service seeks to deliver alcohol reports The Huffington Post.  The Postmaster General, Patrick Donahue, estimates that such a move could bring in as much as $50 million in revenue to the agency.  This is all while Donahue endorses ending mostdoor-to-door and Saturday mail deliveries in an effort to save costs as reported in an article by Fox News. Currently alcohol can only be shipped through private couriers and private carriers such as UPS and Fedex.  There is a debate among alcohol purveyors, such as wine and craft beer companies, as to whether the additional option of alcohol shipping would be worth the extra cost in the time and effort to prepare the products for shipping.  Another obstacle is more pressing though.

Even if the law is changed to allow delivery of alcohol, state laws might prohibit brewers from selling directly to the consumer, as is the case in Minnesota, Summit Brewing Company spokeswoman Carey Matthews told CNBC.  There is a similar legal restriction in Texas, said Peticolas, an attorney-turned-brewer. He added that brewers would also likely have to apply for a label in each state they ship to.

In addition to shipping and state restrictions many argue that manufacturers such as craft brewers won’t have the resources, such as money and staffing, to devote to a mail- order segment of their current business.

How do you feel about the Postal Service shipping alcohol especially in light of Massachusetts’ restrictions placed on out-of-state wineries shipping directly to the consumer; an issue strongly supported by Drew Bledsoe, a former Patriots player and Washington State vineyard owner?

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