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Navigating the process of completing a restaurant or liquor license transaction is not something that is learned at a weekend real estate class in Brookline.  The intricacies of each project requires specialized knowledge and expertise.  The Atlantic Restaurant Group has consistently delivered on our commitment to restaurant owners who are interested in selling their restaurant or liquor license for more than a decade.  My approach to each assignment is simple-treat each project as if I was selling the restaurant or license for my family and guide our clients with straightforward advice.

I thought that a great place to start with this blog would be to tell you my story and why you should trust me with the job of selling your restaurant or liquor license.

The restaurant business has been my family’s lifestyle since I was a baby!  I was born into a restaurant family and grew up “playing” at my family’s restaurant in the Wollaston section of Quincy.  You see, my Dad opened a muffin and coffee shop in 1965 in the Wollaston section of Quincy, not far from the site of the original Howard Johnsons restaurant.  With 4 children under 7 years old and another on the way, often times I would be left to be “baby sat” by one of the waitresses or my Dad’s bookkeeper Edie Noels, while my parents were busy working the lunch rush or making a soup for the next day.

Dad was always working!  When he wasn’t at the restaurant, he was driving around the Boston neighborhoods scouting for his next location.  Before long, he had restaurants in Harvard Square, at Park Street, Hawley Street, Broad Street, Hyde Park, Allston and at 150 Causeway Street next to the old Boston Garden.  He took me with him on the morning that he took over the Causeway Street location.  I was excited to meet three of his first customers that morning-Don Nelson, John Havilicek and Dave Cowens, three Boston Celtics legends!  My Dad grew his restaurant to a 26 unit franchised restaurant chain throughout Greater Boston.  Each one of the restaurants was a learning experience for me and my brothers and sisters.

Throughout my early years and into my twenties, the Mug n Muffin Restaurants were the priority of my father and my family.  We were a family that worked weekends and holidays!  It wasn’t until I went to work for someone else that I realized how hard we were working to be successful in the restaurant business.  For the readers who have never owned a restaurant, it is a lifestyle.  The skill set and commitment required to own a restaurant (never mind a chain of 26) is ten times harder than you could ever imagine.  It took its toll on us as a family, but delivered some incredible pride and joy.

My role as a restaurant and license broker is something that I was born to do.  Every job that I’ve had provided me with more experience, leading me to my current role.  The lessons of my childhood, my teenage years and into young adulthood working alongside my father, guide me everyday in my business.  It hasn’t been easy.  I made plenty of mistakes and miscalculations that were costly.  Fortunately for my clients, my father would catch me when I fell and stood me back up with a clear direction (and an ass kicking).

When I decided to begin a restaurant brokerage business more than a decade ago, my Dad was disappointed.  He had always hoped that I would return to the family business and continue to work with him and my brothers at our 2 remaining restaurants.  Although I enjoyed working with them, running the day to day operations of a restaurant, although financially rewarding, was not fulfilling.  My passion was finding the next location, negotiating the deal and getting it opened before the rent was to start.  Once the first week of business is completed and all of the kinks worked out, for me, it was time to start focusing on the next location.  I am well suited for my job!

Since 2001 I have been working with restaurant owners who are interested in selling their license, restaurant, bar or nightclub.  Like my father and my grandfather, the restaurant business is my life.  I have a tremendous amount of respect for the families that risk it all-get up early, work hard all day serving customers, take care of their kids and get up and do it all over again the next day.  It is a lifestyle that most people can’t sustain for more than a few years.

Often times people tell me that they have always dreamed of opening a restaurant.  I suggest that before they come back to me with an Offer and a deposit that they try it out: Throw a dinner party for 25 people on Tuesday night, 25 on Wednesday, 35 on Thursday, 50 on Friday and again on Saturday.  Cook breakfast on Sunday for 30 and then go to work at their regular job on Monday.  If you can get up on Tuesday, we’ll meet the attorneys at 9am and close the deal.

To find out more about restaurants for sale in Boston or liquor licenses for sale in Boston, contact Dan Newcomb at (781) 319-9800.



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