Tampering with alcoholic beverages

Tampering with Alcoholic BeveragesMassachusetts General Law 101: Tampering with alcoholic beverages

Section 16 of the Massachusetts Liquor Control Act (Massachusetts General Law Chapter 138) deals with the tampering with and dilution of alcoholic beverages in Massachusetts by liquor license holders.  The text of the law reads as follows.

Any person holding a license under section twelve, thirteen, fourteen or fifteen who, directly or through any agent, employee or other person, dilutes or changes or in any manner tampers with any alcoholic beverage authorized to be sold under such license so as to change its composition or alcoholic content shall be punished by a fine of not less than two hundred nor more than five hundred dollars, and if any holder of such a license is convicted of a violation of the foregoing, his license shall forthwith be suspended, for a period of not less than six months, by the local licensing authorities which issued the same; provided, that cocktails and other mixed drinks may be prepared on premises licensed under section twelve, thirteen or fourteen.

The section goes on to say that the possession of alcoholic product on a licensed premise that has been diluted from the way it was received from the manufacturer or distributor (other than in cocktails made on premises) is evidence of tampering that can be used against an establishment.

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