A Pledge of Liquor License for Collateral on a Loan

When you face a sale that includes a liquor license, you can maximize your results by engaging Atlantic License Brokers. We know how to expertly navigate a forced sale and will guide you through the steps required to effectuate a timely closing at the highest possible price the market can deliver. Additionally, we will provide timely updates and reporting to the Lender on the status of the project so that they are able to keep their Board and regulators informed of the status of the loan.

We help you:

  • By educating the Lender of threats to value and closing
  • By establishing current market value and data to back it up
  • Navigate the state agencies to clear past due balances
  • Avoid common but costly mistakes
  • Leverage the quota system to boost sales price
  • Expedite the process and get to closing faster

You can rely on the experts at Atlantic License Brokers to provide the industry intelligence needed to sell a liquor license at maximum value, so you can return to servicing the customers that the bank relies on for growth and profits.

Are you a lender faced with a liquor license pledged as collateral of a non-performing loan? You will save your valuable time and resources by turning to Atlantic License Brokers to assist you in selling a liquor license in Massachusetts or in any of our other service areas.

Call us at 781-319-9800 to learn why we are the most reliable resource for selling (and buying) liquor licenses.

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“Delivered a bona-fide offer converting to a sale…”

Abington Bank engaged Atlantic Restaurant Group, Inc. to sell a very unique OREO restaurant property. Daniel Newcomb informed (us) of all showings and potential prospects and delivered a bona-fide offer converting to a sale within a relatively short time period. Mr. Newcomb and his staff are very efficient and responsive real estate professionals.
Mario Sindone, Sr. Credit Officer, Abington Bank