Sell a Liquor License

Sell Your Liquor License For Its Maximum Value
Quickly and Efficiently

Your liquor license is an extremely valuable asset. When it’s time to sell, the experts at Atlantic License Brokers can help you leverage that asset for its maximum value, putting the most money in your pocket in the shortest amount of time.

Whether you’re an attorney, lender, chain or independent seller,  you can rely on us to provide expert advice on price, current market conditions and the transfer process. Our ability to quickly identify qualified buyers for both On Premise and Off Premise liquor licenses is where Atlantic License Brokers has consistently served our sellers with marked results.

Call us at 781-319-9800 to learn why others consider us to be the most reliable resource for buying and selling liquor licenses.

With our knowledge and expertise, we’ll facilitate the liquor license transaction effectively, so you or your clients can realize the maximum value for an existing liquor license with the quickest possible sale.