Revere Extending Closing Time for Restaurants and Bars

Revere extending closiRevere extending closing to 2 amng time for restaurants and bars

The Revere Journal reports that the Revere License Commission voted last week to extend the city’s closing time from 1am to 2am.  In 2007, the same commission, but with two different members, had voted to roll back the closing time from 2am with the change first effective in 2008.  Board members cited the negative effect that the 1am closure has had on Revere businesses, especially given that there is a 2am closing in neighboring towns of Malden, Saugus, and East Boston.

There was virtually no opposition to the once-controversial proposal – aside from RevereCARES – who has even relaxed its stance a bit. Katie Sugarman of RevereCARES called for an inclusive study group prior to approving any new measures, but that was rebuffed in the face of many, many business owners who packed the Chambers.  RevereCARES indicated that it would respond to the roll forward, but did not immediately have a comment.

Each business in Revere that wants to extend its closing time until 2am must apply to the License Commission and attend a hearing before the board on the matter.   If approved by the commission, the businesses could extend their closing times beginning August 15th.

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