MIT Invents Robotic Bartender

makr-shakr robotic bartenderEater Boston reports (via Gigaom.com) that researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), in partnership with Baccardi and Coca Cola, have invented a Smartphone-controlled robot bartender.  Called Makr Shakr, it was unveiled this week at Google’s  I/O conference.

The apparatus has three robot arms, whose movements were modeled after those of an Italian ballet dancer Roberto Bolle, and access up to 100 different types of flavors (alcohols, fruit juice, syrups, etc.) You download the app and then use the app to create the mix of your choice.

Will this robot bartender, who can also monitor consumers’ blood alcohol contents and alcohol consumption, eventually replace bartenders?  Would you want to use such a device in your establishment?  Could a separate liquor license be required for robot bartenders?

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