MIT Develops Ice Cubes that Track Alcohol Consumption

BostIAlcoholic Beverage with Ice Cubesnno reports on new invention from the MIT Media lab that helps track the effects of alcohol on consumers.  The invention is electronic ice cubes that glow different colors depending on the amount of alcohol consumed by the drinker at a bar.  The ice cubes can also alert a friend via a text message that the consumer has had too much to drink and needs help.

The device is made of a coin cell battery, an ATtiny microcontroller and an IR transceiver, according to The Next Web. Together, the components are molded with jelly into a waterproof cube that Dand assures users is “perfectly edible and tasty.” The cubes react to ambient sounds and can pulse to the tune of music, all while calculating how long the person has been drinking.

This could prove a useful tool in eventually helping curb over-drinking of bar patrons,  though The Next Web does think it will take sometime to be accepted by users.  

While Dand’s design probably won’t be changing the alcoholic industry anytime soon, it’s definitely an interesting way of solving the problem. Bottles, cups, and even ice cubes embedded with chips are no longer a thing of science fiction.

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