Increase in Section 15 Liquor Licenses in Massachusetts

State law went into effect that increases the number of Section 15 liquor licenses (off premise/retail) licenses that one individual or business may own. The increase went from three licenses to five with steps in place to raise that maximum in 2016 and again in 2020. Section 15 Liquor License Regulations Under Massachusetts Alcohol Beverages […]

Walmart Selling More Beer

When you think of Walmart, you probably don’t think of beer… at least up until this point. However, according to Bloomberg, the mega retailer is moving aggressively to grab its share of a U.S. industry worth $45 billion, and Walmart is selling more beer. In fact, the retailer revealed at a September 2012 “adult beverage […]

Government Shutdown Effect on Restaurants

Effects of the government shutdown have been in all the headlines, and the restaurant industry is not immune. The government shutdown effect on restaurants reaches far beyond Washington D.C. and has even forced some restaurants to close. Of course, with the closure of national parks across the country, famed restaurants inside the parks, including the […]

Classic Cocktails Making a Comeback

The classic cocktails of the 1950s are making a comeback. Some believe the impact of the hit TV show Mad Men is the force behind it, in much the same way that Sex and the City created the Cosmopolitan boom in bars and clubs across the country a decade or more ago. Although some cocktail […]

Boston Mayoral Candidates’ Position on Liquor Licensing

With the Boston mayoral candidate field narrowed to two – state Representative, Marty Walsh and City Councilor, John Connolly – we’d like to share their positions on liquor licensing. As regulation stands today, Boston has been at the maximum threshold for liquor licenses for years, which creates high demand and even higher prices and fees. […]

Restaurant Failures: Locations and Other Reasons

Say, didn’t that restaurant used to be “insert any name here”? Restaurant failure is commonplace, and throughout the country, there are some locations that see a rotating door of different restaurants attempting to find success where others have failed in the same location. Cursed location? Inexperience in the food service industry?  A combination? A recent […]

Restaurant and Bar Spending Increases

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, spending at bars and restaurants is on the increase. The restaurant and bar spending increase is 3.9 percent in the first six months of 2013 compared to the same time frame a year ago. It’s feeding restaurant and bar owners’ confidence. Sales in the first quarter were up 4.5 […]

Fake IDs: Both Sides of Technology

Fake IDs on college campuses are nothing new. It’s an ongoing struggle between students procuring fake IDs to buy alcohol or gain access to bars and clubs, and bar and club owners being extra vigilant to spot fake IDs to protect their liquor licenses. Fake IDs are big business. In August 2013, a Clarke County, […]

Affordable Care Act Enrollment Notification

Despite all of the confusion and back-and-forth political posturing with threats to defund Obamacare, like it or not, open enrollment begins Oct. 1… unless Congress moves to delay yet another portion of the controversial Affordable Care Act. Regardless, as a restaurant or bar owner, pay attention and comply with current requirements despite the moving target […]

E-Cigarettes: Smokeless or Not?

After years of being relegated to the outdoors for an after-dinner smoke, restaurant-goers are lighting up at the table again… or are they? E-cigarettes are becoming more mainstream, and with that, are creating issues for restaurants and workplaces across the country. Electronic Cigarettes The electronic cigarette or e-cigarettes are a type of electronic nicotine delivery […]