Maryland Liquor License Hearings Make Use of Skype

Maryland Liquor License Hearings make use of SkypeParkville-Orlea Patch reports on how the local county liquor board is using Skype to improve its liquor licensing hearing process.  The use of Skype started recently and is seen as a way to ease the hearing process for things such as board of director change hearings for liquor licenses holders, particularly large chains with headquarters far from their restaurant locations.

The hearing to change the name of corporate officers on a license for Scottsdale, AZ-based P.F. Chang’s China Bistro was held via Skype. County officials said the hearing was the first time the board had used the technology in a hearing.  Such hearings are routine and usually take less than 10 minutes.

The practice seems to been embraced by government officials and the companies alike.

County Executive Kevin Kamenetz has made increasing the use of technology a priority since taking office in 2010.  “This is particularly valuable to liquor license holders at national chain restaurants who would otherwise need to fly in from out of state for what usually amounts to an eight-minute hearing,” Kamenetz said in the statement. “This is yet another way that we are taking advantage of current technology to better serve our constituents and businesses.”

What do you think of liquor licensing boards using Skype to facilitate licensing board hearings?   Will/should the use of Skype become a practice in Massachusetts?

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