Earlier Hours on Sunday for MA Liquor Stores?

MA Liquor Stores Sunday HoursMA Liquors stores could open earlier on Sundays

Massachusetts Liquor stores could be allowed to open before noon on Sundays if a Legislative proposal is approved reports The Lowell Sun.  The proposal is being offered because liquor stores in Rhode Island and Connecticut are allowed to open before noon.

While the Massachusetts Package Stores Association did not take an official stance on the proposed changes (other than being concerned about liquor stores having to pay more employees more time and a half rates), liquor store owners expressed support for the changes reports the paper.

Chris Gasbarro, who owns a liquor store in Seekonk, said he felt the same way when Sunday sales became legal in Massachusetts. He was against it because he thought he would lose time with his family, he told lawmakers. Because employees earn time-and-a-half pay on Sunday, he has volunteers lined up to work, and no one who doesn’t want to work is forced to do so, he said.

An industry representative also noted at a recent hearing on the proposed changes that sales (and state tax revenue) had increased in other states that had allowed longer Sunday liquor store hours.

One lawmaker suggested that these changes could lead to some liquor stores wanting to be open 24-hours, an idea that was strongly countered by proponents of the hour changes.

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