Lowering of Blood Alcohol Content Regulations

Lowering BAC RegulationsNBC News reports that the National Transportation Safety Board recently voted to urge states to lower the threshold for Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) which constitutes drunken driving.  Currently the limit is .08, but the recommendation is to lower it to .05 to reduce drunken driving incidents.  The article reports that nearly 4 million people in the United States admit to driving while under the influence of alcohol each year.  By lowering its BAC, US States would be getting closer to the world standard for blood alcohol content limits.

The United States, Canada and Iraq are among a small handful of countries that have set the BAC level at .08. Most countries in Europe, including Russia, most of South America and Australia, have set BAC levels at .05 to constitute drunken driving.

How would a lowering of the BAC level in Massachusetts affect liquor sales at restaurants, bars, and clubs in Massachusetts?  Among those against the proposed regulation is The Massachusetts of Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) who wants to keep the current law in tact in order to continue to save lives.  Would people consume less alcohol or would they simply just be more likely to take cabs or limos instead of driving?  As a license holder are you concerned about attempts by the state to lower the BAC limit?

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