Liquor License Connectors


Liquor LicenseIt was just over a year ago that I decided to create a firm that would connect buyers and sellers of Massachusetts All Alcoholic Beverages and Wine & Malt Beverages licenses.  With more than a decade of experience in restaurant transaction work under our belt, I felt that we were well prepared to launch our service specifically to “on-premise” license users.  Less than six months later, we decided to launch our “off-premise” division to service supermarkets and liquor stores.

Our client base is sophisticated and forward thinking.  They demand results!  Our team committed to building a cutting edge liquor license locating system that will enable us to help more businesses grow this year through liquor license acquistion.

In late July, we made progress-moved into our new corporate office space,  launched our new business systems including a segmented database with more than 33,000 current connections as well as completed multi day training on improving our processes, systems and customer service.  Additionally, we have developed numerous JV partnerships with restaurant brokers and other partners that will improve our ability to satisfy our customers.  We will continue to educate and inform our clients of topics that affect their business and their ability to operate profitably in Massachusetts.

Please let us know of topics that you would like to discuss.

Happy August!




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