Guns in North Carolina Bars

Guns in North Carolina BarsGuns in North Carolina Bars

Slate.com reports that North Carolina is on the brink of allowing people  with conceal-carry permits to bring guns into the state’s bars, as long as bar owners allow the practice.  The Legislature has passed the bill recently and the state’s governor is set to sign it into law soon, joining North Carolina with five other states (Tennessee, Arizona, Georgia, Virginia and Ohio) that allow legally permitted gun owners to bring them to places that serve alcohol.

Slate cites several studies that say such a practice could be a risky practice.

Researchers at the University of California, Davis, found that behaviors like binge drinking and chronic heavy alcohol abuse are more common among gun owners than those who don’t own guns. In addition, about one-third of firearm-related deaths involve alcohol. The 2011 study also discovered that among gun owners, heavy alcohol abuse was more common in those who carried concealed weapons.

The article does point out that a similar law had an unintended effect in Virginia after it was passed.

Virginia has already passed a law similar to North Carolina’s proposed one, and a year after it was enacted, the Richmond Times-Dispatch conducted an analysis to see what happened. The results?  Gun violence in bars actually decreased by about 5 percent in the year after the law was enacted. 

How do you feel about people being allowed to bring licensed (and concealed) guns into bars?

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