Fine wine on tap, please! Innovative MA based wine keg disbributor experiencing growth.

Mass wine keg disrtibutor growingA whole new kind of keg party…

The Boston Business Journal reports this week on the growth of the Boston-based wine-distributor start-up company Richer Pour.  Richer Pour distributes “high quality, low-cost tap” wine in kegs that are environmentally friendly.  The wine keg is recyclable, reducing the cost for distributing thus lowering the cost of the wine to consumers.  The company recently became the official wine supplier to the Bank of America Pavilion concert venue on Boston’s waterfront and also supplies various Boston restaurants including Toro, Zocalo, Via Matta, and Blue Dragon.

The technology used by Richer Pour also promises to preserve the quality of the wine.  According to Gordon, the product never touches the air (which affects a wine’s quality).  In addition, the wine doesn’t come in contact with other gasses while inside the recyclable keg, something which does happen with the metal ones.  The company’s kegs, which hold more than 27 bottles of wine, retain freshness for 12 months when filled and more than 90 days once they are tapped.

Currently Richer Pour, founded by two friends with experience in the liquor business and the legal business, only distributes wine in Massachusetts, but the Boston Business Journal reports the company is looking to expand to other New England states.

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