Craft Beer Sales at Massachusetts Farmer’s Markets

Liquor LicenseBostInnovation’s Steve Annear  that Massachusetts State Senator James Eldridge (D-Acton) plans to file legislation next year to allow for local craft beer sales at Massachusetts Farmer’s Markets and other agricultural events.      Legislation was passed in 2010 allowing for Massachusetts wineries the opportunity to sell at the same venues and was met with much acclaim.

A survey of local wineries conducted by the Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources showed there was a 66 percent increase in overall wine sales in the state after the legislation was approved. Companies making the wine also said they planned on hiring more staff as a result of the law being passed.

The local wineries must first apply for a license from the alcohol licensing authority in the town of the agricultural event in order to sell their products.        The proposal for beer sales would follow a similar structure.       It’s not certain how long it would take for this proposal to be acted upon, proponents are hopeful.

While details haven’t been ironed out, and there is still a ways to go before anything changes, if the success of wine sales at the markets is any indication, the proposed legislation could mean big things for brewers.

There are over 40 craft breweries in Massachusetts according to Massachusetts Brewers Guild.

State Senator Eldrige has also proposed legislation to remove the cap on liquor licenses imposed on local communities by the State.

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