Craft Beer-only License

Craft Beer-Only License RamificationsDNAInfo.com in Chicago reports that a proposal to allow the licensing of stores to sell only craft beer was strongly opposed by representatives of Budweiser (parent company AmBev) and has since been changed to allow for the sale of non craft beer in stores holding these licenses as well.

The original no-domestics provision in the proposed liquor license was designed to address the fears of some residents in East Village that allowing booze sales by Garden Gourmet Market, 1130 N. Ashland Ave., could spark trouble in the neighborhood.  Allowing the shop to sell only craft beers — and not domestic beer or cheap wine — as a way to hold down potential alcohol-related problems was considered an unusual approach in Chicago.

The proposed plan would disallow the sale of all spirits, malt brews and fortified wines would end a liquor license moratorium in the neighborhood.  Budweiser was opposed because of the precedent such a rule prohibiting other types of beer could have on the big-beer industry.

How would you feel about Massachusetts offering a liquor license allowing the sale of only craft beers in an establishment?


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