Charging Bars for Police Response

Bars charged for police responseTown could begin charging bars for police response

Shore News Today reports on special provisions that Cape May, New Jersey recently attached to its approval of the liquor licenses for several establishments in the town.   The regulations require that bars have a specific amount of bouncers on weeknights and weekend nights during the summer months as well as prohibit the establishments from serving to those customers who are already intoxicated (already a rule for every bar).  The third provision is one that has the potential to prove controversial.

Last, the “city has the right to the extent that there is an inordinate number of police calls and police presence in the area to allocate part of that charge as an administrative cost to these establishments,” according to city solicitor Tony Monzo.

The third provision was added as a result of an increase in the number of calls to police involving particular restaurants over the last several year.  Town officials said they want the provision to be something that has levels of implementation which could allow for flexibility for the owners before they actually have to pay for the police services.

Mahaney said that the resolutions would permit a warning, and a chance to be “proactive” before facing administrative costs. “This gives the city the right, doesn’t say that the city would,” said Mahaney.

How do you feel about cities/towns charging specific bars & restaurants when police are called many times to that particular establishment?

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