Cancellation of liquor license after business closes

preparing to close your businessCancellation of Liquor License after business closes

Section  77 of Chapter 138 (Massachusetts Alcohol Laws) of the Massachusetts General Law gives cities and towns the right to revoke liquor licenses of establishments after they cease operation.  The text of the law is as follows:

The licensing authorities may, after hearing or reasonable opportunity therefor, cancel any license issued under this chapter if the licensee ceases to conduct the licensed business. If the local licensing authorities determine that a license should be cancelled as aforesaid the licensee may appeal to the commission as if such authorities had refused to grant the license upon an original application therefor, and the decision of the commission upon such appeal shall be final.

If you’re preparing to close your restaurant or retail store, plan ahead in order to protect the value of your liquor license.  It may be in your best interest to market and sell your liquor license prior to shutting your doors to reap the benefits of your asset.

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