Get the Puzzle Piece You Need to Close the Deal.

When your deal is contingent upon a liquor license, Atlantic License Brokers provides valuable expertise and the resources you need to finalize the transaction. Turn to us when your client requires a license rather than spending your time making calls and doing the dirty work (costing you time and money) and risk losing the deal.

We fully understand:

  • Each step of the liquor license process
  • How to maximize the investment
  • Liquor license availability
  • Quota challenges
  • Values of On Premise and Off Premise liquor licenses throughout Massachusetts and our service areas
  • Rules and regulations… and the mistakes to avoid!

Atlantic License Brokers has the industry connections and resources you need to expedite the process. We are perfectly positioned to help you put the puzzle pieces together and close the deal quickly and efficiently.

Are you a commercial real estate broker needing to find a liquor license for your client? You will save your valuable time and resources by turning to Atlantic License Brokers to assist you in locating a liquor license in Massachusetts or any of our other service areas.

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