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Boston Red Sox fans will find plenty of bars and restaurants near Fenway Park. If you want to raise a glass before or after the game because baseball and beer go together so well, but find beer prices at Fenway to be unreasonable, there are plenty of other choices around the ballpark.

If you weren’t lucky enough to score World Series tickets but still want to be part of the fever, you can stop by any one of dozens of places on Brookline Avenue, Lansdowne Street and Boylston Street to join the action. With a tip of our hat to the beloved Red Sox, we thought we’d provide an overview of some of the bars and restaurants near Fenway Park.

Sweet Caroline’s Restaurant:

Sweet Caroline’s, at 1260 Boylston St., is a new comer in the shadow of Fenway and boasts the finest handcrafted American/comfort food in Boston. Scores of wine and beer selections, including draft, cans and bottles, along with three 100-inch projectors and 11 HD flat screens on which to view the games.

Bleacher Bar:

Bleacher Bar, at 82A Lansdowne St., is a long-standing favorite with locals and the best choice for a baseball bar… even when the Red Sox aren’t in the World Series. You don’t need a ticket to get in, and during the game, a glass garage door comes down – you can see out, but players can’t see in.

Copperfield’s Bar:

Copperfield’s Bar, at 98 Brookline Ave., is around the corner from Fenway Park. Beer and local bands are the headliners. “Cold beer, dim lights… it’s THE place to go after the Sox game… the secret in the Fenway area.” There’s no middle ground – reviewers love it or hate it.

Yard House:

Yard House, at 126 Brookline Ave., named for yard glasses, features “an endless fleet of tap handles” that range from classic lagers to obscure ales. The menu includes everything from snacks and appetizers to sandwiches and burgers to steaks, ribs and seafood.

Beer Works:

Beer Works, opposite Fenway Park at 61 Brookline, appropriately features Red October along with more than a dozen other draft beer selections along with a full menu.

Cask ‘n Flagon:

Cask ‘n Flagon, across the street at 62 Brookline, was voted top baseball bar in the nation by ESPN. Plenty to eat and signature cocktails as well.

Jerry Remy’s Sports Bar & Grill:

Jerry Remy’s, at 1265 Boylston St., boasts two 6 ½ by 11 foot screens on which to watch the game plus thirty 60-inch high definition TVs and a state-of-the-art AV system on the rooftop deck that overlooks Fenway’s right-field wall. It’s possibly better than being in the stadium.

Game On!:

Game On!, at 82 Lansdowne St., has 90 HDTVs and a menu that includes raw bar selections and New England classics. Plus you might just score tickets to the game since Game On! features numerous ticket giveaways.

Tasty Burger:

Tasty Burger, at 1301 Boylston St., obviously has no shortage of burger selections, including The Tasty, named one of the 25 Hottest Burgers in America by Eater. Plus you’ll find a number of beers on tap and an even bigger selection (more than 30) in bottles and cans.

The Baseball Tavern:

According to The Baseball Tavern, at 1270 Boylston St., you’ll find it only a fly ball’s distance from Fenway. Three floors with big-screen, high-definition TVs plus a rooftop deck that overlooks Fenway brings you all the World Series’ action.

The Lansdowne:

If you want some Irish flair to go with your baseball, The Lansdowne, at 9 Lansdowne St., is your place. You’ll find long menu lists for starters, sandwiches, entrees, and beer and wine.

Bar Louie:

Bar Louie, at 121 Brookline Ave., couldn’t have timed its new arrival at Fenway more perfectly – opening on Sept. 21 to join its neighboring locations in Patriot Place and Providence.

Other Suggestions

With no shortage of bars and restaurants near Fenway, we can’t list them all, so feel free to check them all out:

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Whether or not you get tickets to one of the games, with all of the bars and restaurants near Fenway, you can be part of the action and cheer for the Red Sox!

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