ABCC Aims to Streamline the Liquor Licensing Process

liquor licensingThe 2011-2012 Annual Report of the Massachusetts Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission (ABCC) highlights several changes in the liquor licensing process that have been initiated by the agency over the last several years.  Some have been implemented (new website, online license application forms, more efficient accounting, and organization practices) and some are coming in the near future (E-licensing).  The E-licensing system, currently being put into place in a joint effort with the Department of Professional Licensure, will use Accela Automation software to provide a single online tool for businesses and individuals to apply for and manage their alcoholic-beverage licenses.

The new system will allow individuals real time, online access to all currently issued and pending license information and the owner(s) of record.  Individuals will also be able register complaints through this system as well as check the status of disciplinary proceedings at any time.  The system will also allow state liquor license applications and renewals to be done online and transmitted directly the local cities and towns electronically.

The public access portal of the e-licensing system will allow for instant record requests, complaint submission, available license quota information, ABCC hearing information, and ABCC decision results.

Mobile technology will also be integrated into the new e-licensing system with GIS and map viewers.   The state ABCC anticipates that the  new e-licensing system will help the agency reach a level of “true transparency and total integration with partner agencies” including local licensing boards, the Department of Revenue, the Division of Unemployment Assistance, the state and local police, and the Attorney General’s office.

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